Ceramic wash basins manufacturers are must-have sanitary ware at home, and you can't choose it at will. How to choose ceramic wash basin? 1. look at the color First of all, it is necessary to observe whether the color of the wash basin surface is pure or not. Repeatedly check in a place with strong light. The product has a reflective effect, indicating that the gloss is good, and it will not easily get dirty and fouling; carefully check whether there are pitting or cracks. Wash basins with little or no sand spots are products with better texture. 2. Touch by hand Gently touch it with your hand. The smooth and fine touch indicates that the quality of the product is qualified. If you feel fine particles, it means that the manufacturing process is relatively rough. The back is usually frosted, which gives it a gritty feeling of friction. 3, listen to the sound The most important thing is to play and listen, and to know the sound can judge the quality of the product. Use your hand to flick the inside of the washbasin. If you hear a clear and loud sound, it is a high-quality ceramic washbasin; on the contrary, if the sound is dull and hoarse, the quality is relatively poor, usually in this case. low quality product. 4, the surface is smooth The surface of the ceramic washbasin is very smooth, does not have a certain ability to absorb and penetrate water, and can play a hydrophobic role. If the ceramic absorbs water, it will cause the glaze to expand and crack to a certain extent, and the higher the water absorption rate is. , It is easy to absorb stains and peculiar smells, and it is easy to deteriorate and produce peculiar smells after using for a long time. Such products are inferior. Experts suggest that the lower the water absorption rate, the better the quality. After all, the sink is to accompany us for a long time, so we must pay attention to the wash down closet factory!
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