You will never need anything more than bandos/ barrows to complete slayer missions. If you need weapon that is lvl80 I would suggest to get chaotic weapons and spend your money on other items. I would suggest that players opt for the Lv 90 items if they have cash available. That's entirely up to you. Concerning bolts, you are able to now use any bolts on any bow. The compatibility thing has been removed. If you are using level 80 royal bolts along with crossingbows with LV 70, the bolts will be equipped with damaged caps as if that they were bolts of level 70. If you own an offhand bow that is level 60, the mainhand bow is capped at 70 bolt damage and the offhand bow will be capped at 60 level damage. Anyway, I buy Royals because they're cheap and it's not really a big deal in any way. Ganodermics do pretty well with all things magical. When I played with beta in which you die, they don't perish, this is a bonus. Watch out for weapons which used to have special attacks, as those attacks are back - check Combat beta to get more information. The ones that include critical rates is pretty useless IMO. It's more about accuracy and base damage, not critical value. In other words the fire cape isn't like a skillcape IMO. I'm almost 90 flat nowI'm in the 2M range now - and only 2M experience is separating me from my target. I recently bought a Drygore mace and am waiting for an offhand version. I'm almost entirely cleaned out but I'm still having to turn to the hybrid Warpriest gear. Want to learn more about OSRS gold at
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